Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reloading Notes

1. Titegroup is a very versatile powder. It has worked out well for nearly every load I do from 9mm and .38 Special up to 45 ACP and 44 Magnum. The only issue I've had was when trying to load 147 grain bullets to power factor (125000) for SSP in the IDPA and Production in USPSA. Out of a Glock 34, regardless of whether I used the stock barrel or a Lone Wolf, the bullets grouped horribly, and even tumbled/keyholed every 5-10 shots. Oddly enough, that same load would drive tacks with every other 9mm I've tried it in (Sigs, Kimber 9mm 1911, and HK P30).

2. For 147 grain 9mm loads, everything else I've tried has worked well. I've settled on WSF as the best so far. But I'm giving Solo 1000 a try before buying my powder in bulk. Too many seem to love the Solo 1000 to not at least give it a shot.

3. With 9mm, I've started running into some stuff with an IVI headstamp. This stuff is berdan primed, which is not the nicest thing to do to your depriming pin. With .45 ACP, A-MERC brass is utter crap. The case wall is twice as thick as any other brand, so I would have to crimp the ever living hell out of it to get it to chamber, which is obviously a very bad idea. So anything with an A-MERC headstamp goes right into the metal recycling box.

My current loads for meeting power factor.

4.3 grains titegroup

3.9 grains of WSF (3.3 grains of Titegroup would work if I wasn't using a G34)

.45 ACP
5.3 grains titegroup

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