Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Even my wife enjoys a little change

Well, Sunday was my wife's first time out in a kayak. Shortly after buying my motorcycle, I stumbled across a guy selling a Carbon Fiber Necky Elaho HV kayak on for less than 1/2 the price of a new one, and it was basically unused. Ironically enough, I had actually been torn between a poly (plastic) Necky Elaho and the poly Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 I bought when I was shopping for my first one.

My wife had always passed on earlier offers to come paddle with me, despite the fact that the friend I paddle with (Paul) had several extras. But with 2 kayaks sitting in the garage, and the fact that I'm not gaming anymore, I was finally able to convince her to give it a shot.

Paul has a web page where he posts photos and the gps track of any trips that he takes, and managed to snap a few of us while we were out and about. However, he only posted one of them because my wife prefers to have as little on the internet as possible that might prove she actually exists. Having a fairly public job, she finds that makes it easier to keep her private and public life separate.

My wife is the one on the right in the red kayak and I'm in the yellow one. If you get time, the photos from a lot of Paul's other trips are worth checking out as well. My personal favorites are from his Urban Kayaking page.

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